After a 9-year-career as a Certified Parisian Tour Guide, I now invite you to enjoy my French Art & History Conferences in the Bay area. Throughout my experience, I have accumulated and presented many effective lectures about the culture and history of my country France. Although, I am not limited to French history and culture, I have first-hand knowledge of many museums, chateaux, people and places throughout France.

During my 7 year stay in Dallas  I have shared these experiences and knowledge with many prestigious institutions including (Southern Methodist University), and other educational facilities throughout the DFW metroplex area and here in California. Coincidentally, while preparing and delivering a thought-provoking discussion and lecture, the audience and/or students enjoy the time with me and often feel inspired. I am always available and excited to join you.

It is my pleasure to share this knowledge with you and I am also happy to explore new subjects for your students and myself.


Céline Glon

Conférencière pour la Culture française.

French English Lecturer

French English Tour guide